Saturday, December 25, 2010

無貌伝 ~人形姫の産声~

"I'll show you a doll."
With this words Haruka invites Akitsu to her home. An island where strangeness gathers, which is inhabited by dolls that look like Harukas younger self and their owners. After Akitsu arrives Haruka and the memories of a whole day vanish. When one life extuingishes, one doll comes to life. The dolls' birth opens the curtain for a tragedy. Will Akitsu be able to discover the sad truth hidden on the island?

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hiryuu Souichi moves into the mansion his father left behind after his suicide. The several mannequins standing around there count to the lesser mysteries Souchi encounters in his new environment. Strange sounds at night, threatening letters and the staring gazes from the neighbourhood and eventually a murder incident drive Souchi into calling Shimada Kiyoshi, an old friend of his to make sense of the strange happenings that begin to entangle him.