Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Having his childhood friend killed by one of the bizarre serial murders unsettling suburbia recently, Amane Sanshirou attempts suicide. However synesthete and detective Otomiya Miya prevents this and they end up investigating the serial murders together.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Science magazine journalist Sumisaki Yutori visits the deep-sea experiment facility 'Bubble' for her research. She learns about the death of one of the facility's permanently based inhabitants which was handled as suicide due to a certain locked room circumstance. However during Yutori's stay the mysterious fatalities continue and it becomes questionable if these events can still be seen as suicides or accidents...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


1987 a murder happened in the property of the Mallarmé-fascinated retired professor Zuimon Ryuuhshirou. At that time among others the great detective Mizuki Masaomi and his assistant Ayui Ikusuke were guests of Zuimon. Of course Mizuki solved the case brilliantly and Ayui created a new novel in his series depiciting Mizukis astonishing achievements. However this work was never collected as a tankoubon volume and remained unfinished in magazine form...
2001 the self-proclaimed great detective Isurugi Gisaku is called on by the editor of a publishing company. He wants to have the case investigated once more, finding it suspicious that this work has not been finished in 14 years. Might there actually be a mistake in Mizuki's deduction...?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

無貌伝 ~夢境ホテルの午睡~

Due to the sudden information on the arrest of phantom thief Mubou, the great detective Akitsu Shouichirou and his assistant Komura Nozomi head to Natsuhara Hotel, where Mubou is held captive, to gather with the other 2 well-known members of the '3 great detectives'. Being indwelled by Akarumi, the hitodenashi of earthquakes and dreams, the Hotel is also called Mukyou Hotel due to the week of dreams happening once a year when the hotel itself picks out a certain number of customers and sends them into its dream realm to experience the unusual free of charge. To be recognised as Akitsu's offical assistant, Nozomi has to prove his abilities as this year's 'hotel detective' during the week of dreams and it doesn't take long until the first corpse turns up...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

無貌伝 ~双児の子ら~

In a world where humans are coexisting with mysterious creatures called 'hitodenashi' the great detective Akitsu Shoutarou, who was deprived of his face by the phantom thief Mubou, the hitodenashi of humans and souls, recruits the 15 year-old Komura Nozomi, who was sold by his parents at the age of 5, as his assistant. At the same time Mubou announces his next target: The tongue of Enoki Sari, one of the daughters from a family well-known for their railroad company. Akitsu and Nozomi are hired as guards for Sari and eventually Nozomi instead of the great detective finds himself investigating the serial murders happening within the Enoki family...


Teshigawara Jun, a famous blind scientist and his female assistant Morishima Yuka, three other scientists and one doctor plan on spending time gathering data in a concreted shelter located in one of the pillars maintaining the world's biggest oversea suspension bridge. One day after they arrived and settled in an earthquake happens which causes the security system to lock up the whole complex. On top of that the communication system is found destroyed and the six find themselves in a complete locked-room situation. And of course, murder after murder happens until only Teshigawara and Morishima are left...